The Fabric of Time

Hartington Road Gallery

London November 2013

CDear dandelion timeline

‘Time is a game played beautifully by children”

CDear timemarks1 Caroline Dear the fabric of time timemarks2 CDear timemarks3

Time is not a fixed concept, it hovers expanding and contracting at will. I am interested in visually exploring different ways of viewing this nebulous construct.
Using the actual materials of the land – plants, peat, stone – the resulting work is subtle and delicate, inhabiting physical space and requiring contemplation. She likes to encourage a fresh engagement with specific aspects of the natural world, recently working with particular plants such as bog myrtle and dandelions.
This exhibition includes two specific installations; one a seven layered peat wall painting and the other a fragile grass ‘curtain’.

CDear pmg detail  CDear exhib space2

CDear time stitchedtexts  CDear grass wall piece  CDear wovenrush detail