Encircled by Gold

The Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh

August – September 2013

Caroline Dear encircled by gold copy

The work arose over a period of years researching an archaeological site on the Isle of Skye. For the exhibition I developed a series of three mantles using plants associated with Brigid, namesake of the site. To explain the background and various peoples response to this particular place I produced a book which elaborates the story. Three mantles are each 1.5m long by 1.5m wide – made using dandelion and bog cotton, soft rush and birch.

CDear birch mantle detail  CDear rush mantle detail

Exhibition quotes

‘Lovely piece of art work. Inspires me to go on walks and collect leaves and branches because of the beauty in your work’ Eve age 11
‘Exquisitely created – I can hear the wind whispering through the reeds and heather and see the hills.’
‘It really is an extension of the tradition handed down to me by my mother in northwest Donegal.’


‘Encircled by Gold’ book


CDear encircled book  CDear encircled bk3  CDear encircled bk2  CDear encircled bk1

The ‘Encircled by Gold’ book is available to purchase here.