Screen prints

I started exploring the screenprinting process after receiving an RSA residency for Scotland award working with Edinburgh Printmakers and researching Sphagnum skyense, a particular sphagnum found on Skye.

CDear peat lines3of5

Peat is made solely from sphagnum which is compressed over the years under its own weight, growing at 1mm a year. I developed a series of screenprints which took drawings of the sphagnum, used the sphagnum itself and used peat as the medium for printing. I am also gathering stories from people of their remembrances of peat cutting and the stories around this annual work. I have titled these ‘peat stories’, use the story set inside a square of peat and use peat itself as the ink. These are small print editions as the peat is hard to get right.

  CDear peat story1 CDear 12drawings CDear 4 sphagna CDear peatmarks

Sizes – printed images are 40x40cm