Bhrat Bhrìde

installing Wall composition

peat marks..

Photo’s by Morvan Gregor

Changing Ground, land and art.

The Barony Centre, West Kilbride, Scotland,20 July to 15 September 2013

Exhibition of seven artists exploring aspects related to the land.

My work was a wall composition made up of individual pieces all related to St.Brigid, the namesake of Kilbride.

These pieces are – Bhrat Bhrìde 1,2 and 3,(traditionally this was a cloth or rag laid out on St.Brigid’s eve)

Brigid’s girdle – made from dandelion stalks (traditionally stepped through with prayers)

Rope – made from dandelions (traditionally associated with St. Brigid)

Kilbride, Cille Bhrìghde, St.Brigid’s cell

Dandelion, Cottongrass, Soft rush, Purple moor-grass, Hair moss

Weaving tangible ephemerality

bhrat bhridgesmall CDear wall compositionsmall Brigids girdle detailsmall

Photo by Morvan Gregor