Saari residency

Artist residency at Saari Manor

Finland – West coast, 2010

This residency was held at an old farmstead which has been set up for artist residencies.There were six of us looking at ways of using common reed (Phragmites australis) which has become an environmental problem in Finland.
My final piece ‘Tila’ was an installation in a small dark wooden space in one of the outbuildings, using the old white reeds hung vertically in this space. Tila is Finnish for physical space, either inside or out, or distance, state of mind or sensation.
This piece was experienced by walking through, watching the reeds move slowly in the light breeze, listen to them rub against each other. It highlighted the sense that Finnish people have of being invaded by the reed, whilst creating a space to experience their beauty.

finland reed installation       finland reed installation       finland reed installation      finland shadow

Reed curtain, reed wall…

finland reed curtainfinland reed wall


Finnish pictures – atmosphere and style

Saari manor interior chair  Saari manor chairs  finland farm building