Caroline is interested in the natural world and how we relate to it. She likes to encourage a fresh engagement with specific aspects of the natural world, recently working with particular plants. Her work results from research into the subject and place, with the final piece arising from a process of distillation of the many disciplines of information gathered.

Caroline’s work often encourages a physical engagement with the piece; looking, touching, smelling or actually interacting by moving parts around. Sometimes it is a more passive engagement, but still with a physical reaction; of mood, contemplation or enquiry. She is interested in our changing engagement with the physical landscape and how this affects our inner psyche.

Well crafted and finished, her work uses many different processes and materials, creating both 2D and 3D works. She has used the materials of the land (plants, peat, stones), digital photographic work onto various substrates including paper, aluminium, Perspex as well as making both temporary and permanent outdoor works. Projects are often recorded with an artist’s book or limited edition book.

The method of working which she enjoys best is to produce a body of work which is the result of a period of research, working on her own but in relation to others, liasing with specialists both for the final production and throughout the research. Her work is subtle and delicate and often needs space both physical and mental to be viewed correctly.

Living on the Isle of Skye since 1986 when she moved there from France she has developed her practice using skills learnt over the years. Her initial training was as an architect, she has worked both as an architect and as a landscape architect and this has been helpful with the approach to work and commissions.

She has received awards from Hi-arts, the Scottish arts council and in 2011 the RSA residency award working with Edinburgh printmakers. Residencies include Saari manor in Finland and Cove park in Scotland.


Caroline Dear CV


Article written by Georgina Cockburn;  Time to observe by Georgina Cockburn



entwined/ suainte exhibition, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Inverness

“This exhibition gives a tantalising glimpse of the potential scope of the artist’s work when the integrity of creative process seen in her handling of materials meet future exploration of scale and structure. Human architecture has always been a compelling element in Dear’s work, a dialogue between organic and manmade structures which appears ready to reach a whole new level of practice.” (by Georgina Coburn, Northings)

peat works, Eden Court Theatre, Inverness

“This latest work, ‘Peat Markings’, leads the viewer ascending the main stairs of the theatre into a series of works that reflect the interior forms of the building and the external environment. The human act of “shaping the land” from the cutting of peat banks to the modern abstract of the bar code are echoed in her application of peat directly onto the wall, building mark and texture in a way that cleverly leads from one solid structural form to the next.” (by Georgina Coburn, Northings)